Mimika Orchestra

Mimika was formed in 2010 by composer Mak Murtić in London, UK.

Since then the group has performed on various festivals and venues, including the London Olympic Festivals in 2012, London Jazz Festival (2012 and 2014), Latitude, Love Supreme Festival, Last Minute Jazz Festival, Festival Slobodne Glazbe, Bloomsbury Festival, the Vortex, Rich Mix, Vip Club and others.

The band holds a residency at Spice of Life, Soho in London with variable dates (follow the page for more info).

The group released two albums
From Scratch to Structure (2012) and A Place Glowing a Brilliant Red (2015) as well as a collaboration with the Croatian Radio Television Jazz Orchestra, an album called Antarctica and Other Destinations (2015).

The ensemble is currently working on a new project about shifting society and cyclic nature of events. It deals with an imagined folk festival, based on the South Slavic “Poklade” where an effigy representing the old ways is burned as a sacrifice. The project, dubbed “Divinities of the Earth and the Waters” is somewhat of a funeral procession, but with satirical connotations and insane instrumental solos. The lyrics use an archaic version of the North Croatian language of Kajkavski combined with other South Slavic dialects.